Ep95: Gard Jameson on Strategic Compassionate Action

Ep95: Gard Jameson on Strategic Compassionate Action

Gard Jameson received his PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2005 and his BA from Stanford University in Religious Studies.  He teaches Asian Philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is the author of five books, Footprints on the Sands of Time, Phaethon, Monkey, and Ramayana, Our Mythic Moment, the last three books reflecting upon three grand epics from the West, China and India.  He and his wife cofounded Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, vmsn.org, a charitable clinic that provides free medical, dental, and mental healthcare to those without access. He serves as the Vice Chair of The Charter for Compassion, Co-Founder of the Children’s Advocacy Alliance, caanv.org, Co-Founder of the Southern Nevada Interfaith Council, interfaithsn.org, and Compassionate Las Vegas, compassionatelv.org.  He also serves as the outreach coordinator of Contemplative Outreach, founded by Thomas Keating, in Southern Nevada.  His latest book is titled The Peace Pilgrim Pictures, using the images of the magnificent artwork of Nicholas Roerich, to illustrate the spiritual journey.



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Ep88: David Huff on Compassion in the Boardroom and Beyond

Ep88: David Huff on Compassion in the Boardroom and Beyond

David Huff is a corporate storyteller and national champion speaker with over two decades of experience helping leaders think creatively, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals.

He has served as a community development director for a network of inner city agencies in Washington, DC, led an in-house communications and marketing team for one of the largest public sector employee benefits companies in the southeast, and developed fundraising strategies for a regional nonprofit healthcare system.

He puts his own leadership skills into practice as a board of trustees member for the Asheville Art Museum, where he serves on the diversity, equity, and inclusion and communications committees, and on the board of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Asheville as business outreach co-chair.

David received his training in interpersonal dynamics from Mid-Atlantic Training Consultants and his outdoor leadership training from the North Carolina Outward Bound School. He holds a master’s degree in education and human development from The George Washington University and a master’s in psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

When not traveling, he makes his home in Asheville, NC, where he soaks up the region’s rich natural beauty and vibrant culinary and arts scenes.


Ep83: Arun Wakhlu on Leading with Compassion for a New World

Ep83: Arun Wakhlu on Leading with Compassion for a New World

 Arun Wakhlu, (born 1955) is the Founder Director  and  Chief Mentor of  Pragati Leadership Institute, Pune, India . He is also theChairman of Pragati Foundation, an NGO dedicated to unfolding Joy, Peace and Abundance through facilitating connections, conversations and co-creation. He is the initiator of Poorna Pune, (Compassionate Pune), and the Foundation for Peace and Compassionate Leadership.

Arun holds a B. Tech degree from IIT Delhi, and a PGDBA  from IIM Ahmedabad. An eloquent presenter, insightful coach  and a Master Facilitator, Arun has logged over 30,000 hours of facilitation and coaching internationally.  He has worked to develop leaders in leading organizations (Business, Education,  NGOs and Governments).

An accomplished writer, Arun has published more than twenty eight papers and written the award winning book “Managing from the Heart”. He has helped pioneer the concept of “Wholesome Development” and “Wholesome Leadership” aimed at working from joy for prosperity with peace. His latest book ( co-authored with his father Prof. Dr. Omkar N Wakhlu ) “One Wholesome World” ,  is a practical game changing manual for global transformation post COVID-19.

Arun volunteers with the Charter for Compassion as a member of the Executive Board, and has also co-created the movement in India called Education Today, Society Tomorrow (ETST).  This is aimed at developing more compassionate schools.

Arun’s seven core strengths are   Compassion, Creativity, Optimism, Enthusiasm,  Relationship Building, Strategic Mindedness and Resilience.  He loves life,   and sees it as Love In Full Expression!




Important   Links:
www.onewholesomeworld.com  (For Free Download of the Book)
Managing from the Heart (For Free Download of the Book)

Ep81: Kirby Hiscox and Clay Boykin on the Circles of Men Project

Ep81: Kirby Hiscox and Clay Boykin on the Circles of Men Project

Kirby Hiscox, Clay Boykin and Dennis Tardan have a conversation about the origin and evolution of the Circles of Men Project and In Search of the New Compassionate Male. Where does a man turn for support when he is stuck and isolated? Where does he go to learn trust in other men or to find his center? These questions burn within most men at some point in life. The Circles of Men Project launched in 2012. It is a weekly gathering of men in a safe space where on one is judged or fixed.

Kirby was along side of Clay when Clay launched the Circle in April 2012 with a dozen men. Since then the Circle has almost a thousand men locally and from around the world. Over 450 Monday evening gatherings have taken place since the launch.


Ep78: Roger Steed from COVID to My 3rd Act

Ep78: Roger Steed from COVID to My 3rd Act

“The mission of the 3rd Act in 2021 is to increase the impact of our efforts to help deserving individuals and organizations that are making a difference in this crazy world. This year we are going to kick it up a notch and strive to increase awareness and participation by focusing on a more targeted effort to bring greater benefits to those who need a helping hand. I believe that pulling together connections, good stories, and a shared mission to help others is powerful and can change lives.

As I think about the mission of the 3rd Act to shine a spotlight on deserving individuals and organizations that are making a difference in this crazy world we find ourselves in, I feel the desire to kick it up a notch in 2021. Over the last seven or eight months, I believe we have started a good conversation about incredible people who are truly making a difference in the lives of others. This effort has been rewarding to me but I feel compelled to reach higher for more participation and explore whether a more targeted effort can bring greater benefits to those that need a helping hand.” – Roger Steed


The Pillars of My 3rd Act

3rd Act’s mission is to spotlight individuals, charities and small businesses that need a helping hand due to economic carnage and reduced alternatives to increase cash necessary to continue operating or just make it through a month of living expenses.

3rd Act’s desire is to provide a platform for individuals and charities by engaging in an in-depth conversation that highlights the need and support mechanisms available for financial support through direct funding or helping to organize fund raising campaigns.

It is not a surprise to anyone paying attention to realize that the economic hardship caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus and mandated closure of many small businesses is immense and has resulted in many worthwhile small charities to experience extreme
lack of funding from annual campaigns and
fund raising efforts.

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