In his capacity as a personal coach, Clay collaborates with clients, across the gender spectrum, to pinpoint their aspirations, surmount challenges, and forge pathways toward personal and professional triumph. He leverages his multifaceted background as a former corporate executive and Marine Corps officer, alongside his proficiency in men’s groups and the compassionate male movement, and in the realm of gender reconciliation and healing along the gender spectrum. All aimed towards offering mentorship and encouragement to those committed to refining their lives and effecting positive global change.

The authorship of “Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups” and the inception of the podcast “In Search of the New Compassionate Male” underscore Clay’s creative contributions. He also serves as the founder behind the Men’s Fellowship Network/Circles of Men Project, an initiative that orchestrates intimate gatherings of men worldwide to convene regularly and delve into personal growth while elevating awareness of compassion in the male context.

Central to Boykin’s philosophy is the emphasis on nurturing compassion and empathy among men, both directed outwardly and inwardly. He envisions that by embracing these attributes, men can evolve into more adept leaders, partners, and contributors within their communities, thereby fostering a fairer and more egalitarian society.

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