Clay Boykin is a life coach, author, and speaker who helps individuals and groups explore issues related to personal growth, leadership, and social change.

As a life coach, Clay works with clients to identify their goals, overcome obstacles, and develop strategies for personal and professional success. He draws on his background as a former corporate executive and Marine Corps officer, as well as his expertise in men’s groups and the compassionate male movement, to provide guidance and support to those seeking to improve their lives and make a positive impact on the world.

Clay is the author of, Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups and creator of the podcast, In Search of the New Compassionate Male. He is the founder of the Men’s Fellowship Network/Circles of Men Project, which organizes small groups of men around the world to meet regularly and explore inner growth and raising compassion consciousness in men.

Boykin’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of men cultivating a sense of compassion and empathy, not only towards others but also towards themselves. He believes that by embracing these qualities, men can become better leaders, partners, and members of their communities, and can help to create a more just and equitable society.

For speaking engagements and a complementary life coaching discovery call, contact Clay at: Let’s Talk!