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 “Clay Boykin has created a spiritual blueprint for men around the world… Circles of Men contains rich insight into the struggles and challenges of being a spiritual male in today’s western culture.”

Jeff Bullion – Spiritual Fitness Coach

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“Connecting Compassionate Men Around the World”
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The world needs more spiritual men.

What is in a man’s heart? As a man, you are the only person who truly knows, and the likelihood is that you protect what’s at your very core from other men and perhaps the woman or partner in your life.

But it is within your heart where your deepest questions are left unanswered. Fear of being vulnerable or shame keeps us from connecting with another man, yet it is only when we open our heart that these questions get answered.

The world does need more spiritual men. Men who are awake to know there is power for good in vulnerability, having compassion for oneself and having compassion for others. Creating sacred spaces in the world, both physical and virtual, for men to learn from one another how to connect with the highest good in their hearts is what I do.

“This years’ retreat was the best men’s retreat we’ve had in the past thirteen years.” – Lynn

Ghost Ranch, Abiquiú, New Mexico – September 19–22, 2019
Register Now: Men and Spirituality – G190933
Gather with other men in a safe contemplative setting to experience the true power of conscious vulnerability, and the healing alchemy of deeply connecting with other men seeking answers along their spiritual path. Then learn how to take your experience home if you wish and extend the conversation to engage like-minded men.

Circles of Men synthesizes, in an easy and down to earth way, what we have learned over a period of six years and more than 20,000 collective man-hours spent connecting with one another in a non-judgmental, safe, and contemplative environment. We draw from the life experiences of academics and tradesmen, gay and straight, married and divorced, men in their eighties and men in their twenties, men of all colors and nationalities, and men from all religious, non-religious and spiritual traditions.

In Circles of Men, you will find insights on how we have come together—what we refer to as the Twelve Secrets—practical suggestions, thoughts on leadership, a robust list of unique topics, and much more, all so that you will be able to start a circle of your own.

With this book, Clay Boykin has created a spiritual blueprint for men around the world. Not only does this book provide a detailed guide for starting and maintaining a men’s group, but it also contains rich insight into the struggles and challenges of being a spiritual male in today’s western culture. Clay’s authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability make this an endearing read for both men and women trying to understand male or masculine spirituality. Told through his experience, Clay shares a story we can all relate too. It is rich with practical and personal insight that helps break down the complexity of the human spirit. I especially enjoyed the testimonials from those who have had the opportunity sit amongst Clay and experience this counter-intuitive process. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about their own spirituality or someone wanting to start their own group

Jeff Bullion

Life Coach

The world needs more spiritual men and raising consciousness among men is Clay Boykin’s calling. Clay has recently dedicated his next twenty years to creating circles of men around the world who gather, physically and virtually, to engage in contemplative conversations on the over-arching theme of male spirituality.

Using his thirty-eight years as an organizational change agent, and with his deeply held principles of servant leadership, Clay founded the Men’s Fellowship Network. Since 2012, over 20,000 collective man-hours have been invested in exploring the divine masculine and divine feminine essence within every person.

Clay’s recently published book, Circles of Men, examines how men come together in a contemplative setting to learn about vulnerability, cultivate trust, hold space, explore the many religious and spiritual traditions, and learn from one another’s life journey.

Recently, Clay accepted a volunteer position as Assistant Director of Compassionate Austin, and is developing an initiative for the Charter for Compassion focused on Men and Boys.

Interview at Unity Church of the Hills, Austin, Texas

Men’s Fellowship Network Website

It was an enriching time at the Parliament of the World’s Religions. It was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.


Karen Armstrong

The Parliament of the World’s Religions seeks to promote interreligious harmony, rather than unity. The problem with seeking unity among religions is the risk of loss of the unique and precious character of each individual religious and spiritual tradition; this understanding is key to our framework.

Interreligious harmony, on the other hand, is an attainable and highly desirable goal. Such an approach respects, and is enriched by, the particularities of each tradition. Moreover, within each tradition are the resources (philosophical, theological and spiritual teachings and perspectives) that enable each to enter into respectful, appreciative and cooperative relationships with persons and communities of other traditions. (Source: Parliament of World Religions website)

Susan Hawkins

Joyce & Ken Beck

Rahul Dubey

Karen Armstrong

Compassionate Austin is a growing grassroots movement united to promote, strengthen, and celebrate compassionate action in Austin, Texas and surrounding communities.

Compassionate Austin is a local organization associated with the Charter For Compassion, a worldwide organization founded by Karen Armstrong.

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2018 Parliament of World Religions

I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at this year’s Parliament of the World's Religions. It was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to...

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