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Paul Higdon, Author – Hope and a Future: Life, Survival, and Renewal on the Streets of an African Slum

I thoroughly enjoyed my 36-year career in international finance. During that time, I had the honor of serving for six years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of a children’s welfare operation in central Kenya. Based on that work, I was presented a Global Volunteer Award by Bank of America.

Since I retired from my professional banking career, perhaps the most rewarding endeavor has been composing my first book, Hope and a Future: Life, Survival, and Renewal on the Streets of an African Slum, which chronicles the true story of a street boy, John Maina, who lived in the slums of Nairobi. 



Eventually, John and I became so close that in an African sense, we are now father and son.

On its launch in April 2020, the book rose to the rank of #1 Hot New Release among Amazon’s African biographies. In conjunction with its publication, I created a public charity, Little Boost Children’s Fund, whose mission is “Giving vulnerable kids a little boost.” All proceeds from the book go directly to the fund.

I hold academic degrees in philosophy, politics, and economics from Cornell, Oxford, and Johns Hopkins and continue to enjoy a wide range of intellectual pursuits, especially early Christianity, and modern history.

In Search of the New Compassionate Male
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Background: I am in Search of the New Compassionate Male. I am convinced that amidst all the turmoil in the world a New Compassionate Male is emerging as the New Archetype. I am on a journey to every corner of the planet to give voice to compassionate thought leaders. 

I know there is a spark of compassion emerging within every man and within every woman. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religious tradition I am inviting all to join my conversation.




In Search of the New Compassionate Male
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The New Compassionate Male – Emerging as the New Archetype


The New Compassionate Male is emerging as the new archetype.

Regardless of race, sexual orientation, nationality or religious tradition, I invite you to join the search

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