Clay Boykin

In Search of the New Compassionate Male

Join me on this journey!


I am in Search of the New Compassionate Male.

I am convinced that amidst all the turmoil in the world
a New Compassionate Male is emerging,
and this New Compassionate Male is
emerging as the New Archetype.

I am on a journey to every corner of the planet.
I am on a journey within;
a journey of self discovery to learn what it means
to be a compassionate male.

I do not have the answer, but I know there is a
spark of compassion emerging within every man
and within every woman.

Regardless of sexual orientation, nationality
or religious tradition I invite you to join me.

Let’s travel together and find answers to questions like:
Who is this man?
What makes him compassionate?
Is he born this way, or how is compassion learned?
Is there a place or time where compassion is not relevant?
How many ways does the compassionate male
show up in the world?

Together, we can find him.
Together, we can hold a mirror up for one another
and find the compassion within ourselves.

The more adversity there is in the world,
the hotter the ember of compassion burns within.
It may be smoldering at the moment,
or burning brightly lighting and warming others.

Who is the New Compassionate Male?

Join me in our search.
Join our weekly global ZOOM conversations.

Share your “compassionate male” story.
Send your story to me via, email,
audio or video (6-mins max).

You may be one of the many to be invited
onto a conversation on our podcast:
In Search of the New Compassionate Male,
found on iTunes, Sticher and many other hosting sites.

My website is evolving as the New Compassionate Male
emerges as the New Archetype.

Come journey with us.

Together, let’s go in Search of the New Compassionate Male,
and find him.


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