Ep51: Howard Teich on the Solar Male/Lunar Male

Ep51: Howard Teich on the Solar Male/Lunar Male

Dr. Howard Teich has addressed groups such as C. G. Jung Institute and the International Conference on Shamanism on such topics as High Performance Leadership, Six Steps to Creative Collaboration, Quantum and Reflective Consciousness, Twin Leadership, Eros and Psyche, Gender Relationship and Consciousness.


Psychologist and teacher Dr. Teich founder of PACE PROFILE® applies his extensive background in psychology and his pioneering work in conscious empathy to create more effective outcomes in individual evolution, relationships with others and organizations. Combining his expertise in the fields of archetypal psychology, mythology and neurology, Dr. Teich’s notoriety as a scholar and lecturer is based on his theory of the tripartite integration of mythology, archetypal psychology (including dreams), and neurobiology and their effects on human consciousness. With this theory of integration, Dr. Teich has created a body of work that supports rapid understanding and changing human behavior.

Dr. Teich’s formative work began while he was teaching a course at the University of California at Berkeley titled Dreams: the Language of the Unconsciousness. His deep appreciation of and curiosity about the role dreams has had on shaping human outcomes has driven him to begin years of Jungian analysis with world-renown experts Joseph Henderson, John Beebe, and Joan Chodorow.

Dr. Howard Teich’s interest in the deep cultural ties mythology has within the unconscious realm led him to focus on the work of Joseph Campbell, the master of mythology studies now famous for his contributions to the Star Wars movies and his series of interviews with Bill Moyer. After Campbell’s death he has had the honor of contributing to Use of Comparative Mythology: Essays on the Work of Joseph Campbell (Garland Publishing, 1992).

Dr. Teich’s seminal work defining solar and lunar psychology is described at length in John Beebe’s 1992 book Integrity in Depth (Texas A&M University Press, 1992). Dr. Teich’s writings have appeared in publications such as Chrysalis, Parabola, San Francisco Jung Institute Journal, and Noetic Science Review; and been included in several anthologies, including Christine Dowings Mirror of the Soul. His latest works, Solar Light Lunar Light: Perspectives on Human Consciousness, is now available through Apple Books as well as Amazon.com. Dr. Teich was a consultant on Transforming Terror: Remembering the Soul of the World which was published in 2011 by University of California Press; and author of article Our Culture’s Divided Soul.

To measure the solar and lunar perspective of human behavior and how it can facilitate high performance Dr. Teich has developed the PACE PROFILE®. What makes the PACE Profile unique is that it highlights not only preferences and behavior but the underlying motivations that lead to behavior based on our engagement with ourselves, those around us, and our environment. And unlike other assessment tools the PACE does not divide people into types or assume that they have fixed temperaments from birth. A key element of the PACE is its focus on where an individual is now and how they can grow and develop if they choose.

A frequent lecturer in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., Dr. Teich has addressed groups such as C. G. Jung Institute and the International Conference on Shamanism on such topics as High Performance Leadership, Six Steps to Creative Collaboration, Quantum and Reflective Consciousness, Twin Leadership, Eros and Psyche, Gender Relationship and Consciousness.

In addition to teaching at the University of California, the California Institute of Integral Studies, Sonoma State University, the University of San Francisco, and the Esalen Institute, Dr. Teich has coached executives at some of the world’s most respected corporate giants, including Microsoft, Intel, and Wells Fargo, as well as at emerging companies funded by venture capital firms.

Howard can be contacted through his website: https://solarlunar.com

Podcast Gallery

Podcast Gallery

I am grateful to each of my guests who joined us this first year of the Podcast. Together, with my Producer, Dennis Tardan, we published over 70 podcast episodes. Our guests joined us from: U.S., Kenya, Australia, Canada, Rwanda, Tasmania, Malawi, U.K., and Sardinia....
Ep67: Budd Friend-Jones On  Religion In Our Changing World

Ep67: Budd Friend-Jones On Religion In Our Changing World

“Budd’s commitment to, and work on behalf of interfaith understanding is remarkable. There may be no greater challenge in our world than that of building bridges between religions and religious cultures, and I know no Christian who works harder at this or is more effective. From the interfaith pilgrimages to the courses he’s developed to his own writing and service, he’s a leader in this important and challenging  work. And what Budd teaches us is that the more we learn about the faith and religion of others, the more articulate we become about our own, to others and to ourselves. He helps us let go of the threat and embrace the challenge.”  – Rev. Dr. Sally Purvis Colleague and Author




Rev. Dr. Gilbert (Budd) Friend-Jones has led Jews, Muslims, and Christians on interfaith pilgrimages in Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, and Turkey, and has preached and taught seminars in Russia, South India, Turkey, and the UK. – A native of West Virginia, Budd earned his doctorate at Howard University Divinity School in Washington, D.C., his M. Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary, and his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Frostburg State University. He has published two books and numerous articles. Dr. Friend-Jones is the Board Vice-Chair and Chair Elect of the North American Interfaith Network. He lives in Sarasota where he also serves as a Minister in the local Unitarian Universalist Church. Before moving to Florida in 2017, he served Congregational and UCC churches in Maine, Minnesota, Virginia, Georgia, and Illinois.

Rev. Dr. Gilbert (Budd) Friend-Jones
North American Interfaith Network
Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota
First Congregational United Church of Christ

Ep48-49-50: The Myth Salon

Ep48-49-50: The Myth Salon

The Myth Salon recently hosted Clay Boykin and his producer, Dennis Tardan, who are in search of the new compassionate male. It is no secret that centuries of patriarchy and a skewed sense of masculinity bear much of the responsibility for steering humanity away from the nature and the deep feminine. Male empowerment has formed the foundation upon which our current cultural and political conditions rest. Clay Boykin and Dennis Tardan believe that amidst the turmoil in the world the new compassionate male is emerging as the new archetype. While much of their work may focus on transforming males and the masculine, the core values and principles evoke the relational qualities of the deep feminine. Based in Austin, Texas, they are engaging thought leaders who have developed conversations with enlightened people of all stripes and we are deeply privileged to have had them at The Myth Salon this month to explore this new paradigm.



Clay Boykin is in Search of the New Compassionate Male. His book: Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups, was published in 2018. He has dedicated his next twenty years to making the world a better place by empowering men to cultivate and integrate the divine male and divine female essences within, and live a life centered on compassion and serving the greater good.

Dennis Tardan is an interviewer, communication coach and documentarian. For more than 40 years, Dennis has worked as a television interviewer and documentary producer and corporate communication coach for companies such as Shell, Farmers Insurance, ConocoPhillips, Siemens, Rice University and many others.


Dana White is a graduate of Occidental College and the University of Southern California, Dana White received his PhD in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2003.  His dissertation is titled “Re-Imagining Work: Awakening the Call of Right Livelihood.”  He currently serves as a contributing faculty member at Pacifica and as a reader on numerous doctoral dissertation committees.

David Huff PhD, Mythology and Depth Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. He is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. His photo “We paid at the pump until there was no more” was a finalist in the inaugural Canon Imagin8tion Project with Ron Howard.


Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D. is core faculty, Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria California. Pacifica’s unique faculty of distinguished scholars and inspired teachers attracts artists, writers, musicians, film-makers, animators, game designers, teachers, psychologists, pastoral counselors, executives, lawyers, and life-long learners who seek to understand and express the depths of the psyche, and whose lives and careers have been substantially enriched—and often radically transformed—by the power of myth.

Seina Matthews, PhD, Clinical Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute. Clinical Psychologist specializing in Life Span Issues and Personal Transformation using a psycho/spiritual approach to help people find their authentic self and life purpose. Published “Soul Transformation: Engaging the Invisible Actor Within” 2012, a self-help book for the general population and “The Transformational Power of Voice” 2010, an academic book that contends that voice is the oral expression of soul. Keynote Speaker on Engaging Your Transformational Power!

Will Linn is a Philosopher-Storyteller with a Ph.D. in Mythology and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is the Founding Chair of the General Education Department at Hussian College — a new film and performing arts school named by Variety as a top international film school in 2019 and 2020 — where he teaches courses in myth, story and philosophy. Will participates in documentaries and series as a topic expert on myth and media. “Memory: Origins of Alien” premiered at Sundance before a nation-wide theatrical release in 2019. In 2020, he will be featured in a documentary on mythic landscapes and a series on great myths. Will has served as an editor and director for the Joseph Campbell Foundation as well as a creator and host for the Santa Barbara News-Press radio series, “Mythosophia.” He has presented and taught across continents and California for communities like Esalen, Pacifica Graduate Institute, the Philosophical Research Society and Ojai Foundation.

Vorris Nunley – Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University. Professor Nunley is interested in rhetorical and Critical theory, public pedagogies and composition, visual culture, neo-liberalism and  African American expressive culture.  His work addresses the intersections of rhetoric, space, and episteme (knowledge). Informed by work in literature, rhetoric (traditional/ethnic/gendered), cultural studies, and critical/feminist geography, Professor Nunley argues for the existence of a strand of African American rhetoric  and knowledge he refers to as African American Hush Harbor Rhetoric (AAHHR). Recently, his work engages neo-liberalism as a public pedagogy and how it commodifies, produces, and  mediates the construction and reception of  masculinity/femininity, Blackness,  the communal, and excess.  He is currently the Professor in Residence for the Honors Program.

Zaman Stanizai, Ph.D., Political Science, University of Southern California; M.A., Linguistics, University of Washington. Zaman has a doctorate in Political Science and completed his postgraduate studies in Islamic Mysticism (Sufism) and Islamic Gnosticism (Erfan). He has taught at Kabul University, the University of Southern California, the University of California, Los Angeles, and several community colleges in Southern California. His of areas of specialization are: Islamic Studies; Sufism; Theosophy; Political Philosophy;and Poetic Expression in Mystical Thought. He currently teaches: Islamic Traditions.

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