Renée Yaworsky, Clay Boykin and Dennis Tardan discuss Clay’s spearheading of the Search of the New Compassionate Male and why the world needs this so much at this time of great change and challenge.

Renée Yaworsky is an attorney, activist, actor, musician, writer and producer. She has worked in criminal justice reform since she was a teenager, been active in women’s rights and justice all over the world.   Contact Renée at [email protected]

Clay Boykin is a writer, speaker and activist.  A former US Marine, multi-decade executive change agent with Motorola who more than 8 years ago embarked upon a conscious journey in what has become a search, inside himself and in the world, of the new compassionate male.

Dennis Tardan is a professional interviewer and speaker, communication and  coach. His specialty is helping executives, managers, and teams to deliver their core messages with increased clarity, confidence, and authenticity. Over Dennis’ 35-year career in the communication field, he has worked at all levels of media including wire service correspondent, newspaper columnist, writer, facilitator, public relations, talk show host, television producer, scriptwriter, actor, and director.

To learn more about the Search for the New Compassionate Male initiatives and his work: