“In terms of where we are historically and in this moment in history I think we are at a very pivotal place, very volatile and uncertain, and all these qualities are very characteristic of this threshold of the death rebirth process; because you have to have an uncertain outcome; you have to have the conviction of uncertainty for such a transformation to actually be successful. You have to feel that everything is at stake and it might not work out for the moral transformation to take place… To have faith and hope in the darkness is very important, and in some sense it is only in dark periods that you develop faith and hope. If everything is just light and glorious you don’t develop those muscles. It’s something you develop in challenging times.” – Richard Tarnas* – October 2018

While in search of the new compassionate male I was recently drawn to Richard Tarnas by way of Cynthia Brix and Will Keepin, founders of the Satyana Institute. They suggested I reach out to Richard’s daughter, Becca Tarnas, for my first in-depth astrological reading. (I am still poring over and processing the reading deeply; a topic for another time).

With my interest peaked, I began doing some light research on Richard and found an interview that provided insights and perspectives on our current U.S. and world situation. About half way though the interview I was stunned to realize the interview took place in October 2018. His book, Passion Of The Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World Views, has caught my eye and I am waiting for it to arrive in the next few days.

Below is both and excerpt from the interview and the complete interview, Our Current Crisis, The Death and ReBirth.


* “Richard Tarnas is known as one of the most influential and perceptive cultural historians of our time. In ‘Passion of the Western Mind’, he presented a vast overview of the history of western thought and culture, with predictions of where both were heading. On its release it was hailed as a masterpiece, allowing “readers to grasp the big picture of Western culture as if for the first time”.Excerpt from the YouTube posting.