Powerful for both women and men. – Jeanette Hargreaves helps moms who lose their temper because she used to lose her temper every day. As a mom with a Master’s in Divinity, she founded tempercoaching.com to help other parents like her break the cycle. She works as a parenting coach, teaching private parenting classes over the phone. She also speaks with groups. And she has a new book, The Day I Threw Banana Bread and Almost Went to Jail: True Stories About How I Used to Lose My Temper (and How I Learned to Stop). You can buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble




As a mom with a Masters in Divinity, Jeanette Hargreaves founded tempercoaching.com to help parents like her break the yelling cycle. Now, in this tender and inspiring new book, Jeanette shares her most vulnerable stories about losing her temper with her own family and how she was treated as a child.

With heart-breaking honesty and laugh-out-loud truths, Jeanette walks step by step through the stories and the practical techniques that helped her break free. From dancing in the kitchen to yawning like a mama lion, Jeanette motivates and challenges you to join her on the journey to be the patient mom you want to be.

With deep strength and grace, The Day I Threw Banana Bread and Almost Went to Jail reveals how to put laughter, love and family values back at the center of your life.

website: https://jeanettehargreaves.com/