Yugas: The Tide of Time

Yugas: The Tide of Time

sadhguru-growth“Truth is One; the wise call it by many names.” – Rig Veda

“Time is not just a concept that we invented; it is deep-rooted in the system, in the very way we are made.” – Sadhguru

Time – the invisible current behind every story. And Mahabharat is no exception. In this video, Sadhguru gives us an eye-opening insight through the ancient concept of yugas (eras or ages of time). We find that yugas are not merely measures of time but actually live and tick within the human microcosm, a reflection of the universal macrocosm. Sadhguru sets forth powerful meditations to ignite the vital fires in the human system, to make it receptive and synchronize it with this cosmic clockwork. And most surprisingly, he demolishes the long-held idea that we presently live in the decadent age of Kali Yuga. Yugas is part of the series Mahabharat, a glimpse into the eight-day program with Sadhguru, an inimitable exploration of the unparalleled saga.


Yugas: The Tide of Time


“A great symbol is not immediately exhaustible. In fact, it might not be even remotely exhaustible. It is something that continues to mean more as we become capable of understanding more.” – Manly P. Hall


Cryptic seventeenth-century alchemical engraving of the “Azoth of the Philosophers” used by the Golden Dawn in the Portal Ritual where it is called “The Great Hermetic Arcanum.” This diagram shows the massive amount of arcane symbolism that the alchemists packed into such illustrations.



Manly P. Hall:

Clay Boykin - Mandala

Mandala: Clay Boykin

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