Pema Chodron – Walk the Walk

At our men’s Renewal (retreat) a few years back we explored the topic of Active Spirituality. We went deep learning and sharing with one another, and it is fair to say we all came away changed in some way.

Pema Chodron makes a good point related to self love in her own humorous, down to earth, thought provoking and spiritual way in this short talk. I invite you to take 5-minutes to consider her message. Walk the Walk


A video link submitted by our own Henry Novak:

In “The Matrix,” Morpheus says…

“Neo, sooner or later you’re going to realize just as I did – that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

Everybody who has ever lived knows this is easier said than done. This motivational video helps bridge that gap.

Who do you have to be, what qualities must you have, to live this each and every day?

Watch this clip and discover for yourself…  Walk the Talk


Reflection on the Renwal Weekend by Gary Carlile: NOT DEFEATED

I am still soaring and reeling from this year’s Men’s Renewal. And, the hits just keep on coming!

Rev. Steve’s talk on the phoenix and its application to our lives ended with each of us receiving a token of the phoenix rising from its ashes. The reverse side was blank and we were asked to write our own “rising.” My first thought was something gushy and I immediately discarded it.

Reaching deeper, the words NOT DEFEATED came to the forefront of my thinking. Looking at the past two years of my life with Unity and the Men’s Fellowship and all that has been a part of my life, I realized the struggles I’ve been through has left me a bit stronger, wiser and more mellow. I was NOT DEFEATED.

After thanking Spirit for the gentle reminder I wrote the words and placed the token in the watch pocket of my jeans. There it stayed for the duration of the renewal and each time I felt it, I was reminded I was NOT DEFEATED.

When I got home Sunday and prepared for the task of laundry I removed the token and the words NOT DEFEATED were erased. I was a tad upset. I immediately started thinking of a way to permanently keep the words on the token.

In the midst of planning, that still small voice once again spoke to me.

“Yes, it said, you are NOT DEFEATED. You are also NOT something else and even better, you ARE something. Take the blank side and let each day’s meditation bring to your conscious awareness of what you no longer are and more importantly, what you are BECOMING. Inscribe that and carry it with you.”

I was excited again! I have a living token of what my life can and will BE. As each affirmation becomes reality, I anticipate it will fade and another will move to the fore for as long as I need it, to assist in evolving into the man I will be.

May the phoenix rise in each of us. – Gary C.