Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, has represented a sacred time of celebration across the ages, and in honor of the solstice this year there will be a wisdom circle out in the Hill Country on Saturday, June 22nd*.

Many of you have heard me speak of my sacred space outside of Wimberley, Texasand I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to gather in the circle with me and with many of our sisters; many of whom, are from the Hilde Girls.

A small ceremonial fire will burn from dawn to dusk in the forest by the creek where there will be casual heart-centered conversation, prayer and meditation as you are moved to come in and out of the circle.

There will be many relaxed and spontaneous activities, as well as activities which will be intentional and honoring.
A few miles outside of beautiful art community of, Wimberley, you and your family can enjoy these 13 acres of Hill Country beauty known as Avalon, with its scenic views, wooded creeks near the Blanco River, and sacred spaces. Enjoying hiking, playing, picnicking, and spacious relaxing time in community with others who love Mother Earth and the seasonal cycles.
The wisdom circle (where we gather) with the 13 stones, honors the elements of Earth and water, and the energies of the Divine Feminine. The new circle will honor the fire and air elements, and the energies of the Divine Masculine. This circle will have a small fire pit for ceremonial use, and on the 22nd it will be acknowledged with a dawn to dusk fire.
Come for all or part of the day and evening.
At 1:30pm, a Wisdom Circle gathering will occur in the forest by the creek and ceremonial fire. We will share stories of historical and ancestral summer solstice wisdom, along with contemplative sharing and a guided visualization meditation.
At 7:30PM, a drumming circle will begin and continue until the sun sets. Bring your drums, rattles, and musical instruments to celebrate!
What to bring: All your food and drink, plenty of water, a camp chair, and sturdy shoes for the uneven terrain. You may also want a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, daypack, journal, and drums/rattles.
Love offerings will be accepted that day to defray costs of the event.
Please RSVP to [email protected] if you have any questions, to confirm your intent join us and to get specific driving directions.
For a list of other events, retreats and workshops I invite you to visit my website:
* Note: While the Solstice is actually on June 21st, we decided Saturday, June 22nd, would be a better day for us all to gather.