COO to CEO – “Why are things not clicking? We’ve got the Vision, Mission, Strategy, Tactics, Objectives, Game Plan, Goals, Funding, Talent, Technology, Economy is up, Tasks/Action Items… but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. What did we forget?”

Often times companies get so wrapped up in the all the above they forget about the company’s culture.

Before you scoff and hit delete, I challenge you to read on.

Believe me, there is nothing “touchy feely” about examining, paying attention to and consciously shaping a company culture. And left to evolve on its own can be disastrous.

If you don’t believe me, think back on an organization that was really being successful; people working hard; passionate about winning; cheering one another on; growing profitably. What happened when it sold, or when the leadership changed hands? If all went well and things continued to progress… good! Most likely, however, it felt like an out of balance tire at 75-mph down a bumpy road.

A company’s culture can take years to build up, but in the wrong hands, can falter overnight. Alternatively, a culture can change overnight in the right hands… for the better. A change in leadership is only one of a thousand factors that can impact a company culture.

The trick is in recognizing that the culture may be the elephant in the room, and that it takes a special skill set to handle successfully.

My advise… don’t go it alone.

Clay Boykin
Business Development Services
[email protected]