Jeremy Solomons is an independent global leadership consultant and writer, who was born in the UK, who was naturalized in the USA and who is now based in Kigali, Rwanda.

In the areas of Gender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, he is a passionate ally, advocate and activist for universal human rights, dignity, respect, inclusion and equity for all people of all genders.

On a personal level, Jeremy wants fair and just treatment for his beloved daughter, who has recently entered the world of work. On a professional level, he truly believes that an equitable workplace is the most creative and productive one for everyone. And as a highly educated, highly privileged and highly empowered man, he has the platform and access to work with other male leaders help bring about meaningful and sustainable systemic change.

Jeremy’s model for this is the high level of women’s education and empowerment that has actually happened here in his new home of Rwanda in the 26 years since the Genocide against the Tutsis. Women now represent two thirds of Rwanda’s parliament – the highest in the world. He coaches and mentors at the Akilah Institute for Women in Kigali and actively supports HERO, Rwanda’s independent new Health and Equal Rights Organisation.

In the past, Jeremy co-designed and –led many training workshops and dialogues on these topics, especially at Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands, UK and USA. He also co-facilitated special sessions on “Women and Power” for Leadership Texas; “Gender Dynamics” for Communities in Schools; “Cultural Competence” for young women leaders at GEN Austin; “Gays, God and the Workplace” for the American Cancer Society; and “LGBT and Allies” for the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) USA.

Jeremy was a co-founder and member of the Austin Men’s Group for seven years.

Here is a blog he wrote about these issues in 2018:


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