Geoffrey Manasseh is a peace builder, interfaith youth educator and education activist. Geoffrey is responsible for and deeply committed to mentoring and guiding youth to achieve their goals. He coordinates cultural preservation trainings, leadership and interfaith dialogue, peace-making seminars and holds capacity building trainings for youth as students on personal development and youth empowerment. Geoffrey is committed to making a different in his community in Malawi Malawi. Geoffrey completed his academic at Mkope Secondary School and further graduated with advanced diploma in construction engineering. He further went for two years training of psycho-social and interreligious/intercultural management.

Currently, Geoffrey is a country coordinator of United Religions Initiative (URI) and a senior advisor of Wildlife and Natural Resources Conservation and Rehabilitation Trust (WNRCRT), and Eastern region Psych socialist and education activist. Geoffrey is the founder and director of Nkhudzi Bay Utale organization (NBUC).

Creator – Clay Boykin

Producer – Dennis Tardan

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