Pedro L. Rodriguez is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in a New York State Correctional Facility,  His life mission through his vocations has been to encourage, empower, and equip men in their life and faith journey. He is also a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, and Certified Spiritual Life Coach. He was  involved in full-time Christian ministry for 21 years as a pastor of three churches in New York City and also worked for a well-known International Ministry, based in New York City, where he was the Assistant Program Director, Spiritual Mentor and Bible Teacher.

He has been involved in Men’s Group / Men’s Work  since his youth. Beginning with:

  • A social Christian Club in High School, known as The Seekers
  • Men’s Home Bible Study Group in the late 1980’s for three years
  • The Promise Keepers in early 1990’s
  • Men’s Christian Fellowships
  • Men’s Spiritual Retreats
  • A weekly Spiritual Men’s Group for two years.
  • A Recovery Self-Help Men’s Group which he started and facilitated for three years.
  • Therapeutic Treatment Men’s Groups.
  • Created and facilitates two Facebook private men’s groups called Latino-Hispanic Men’s Group (October 2017) and The Men’s Book Club International (October 2018)
  • Most recently he has formed an in-person Men’s Group, called the Circle of Men based in Upstate New York in July 2018. He continues to lead and facilitate that Men Circle bi-weekly.


  • (Site scheduled to be launched on 2/16/21)