Neil Feiereisel grew up studying Christian Science for more than 20 years, including stints as a Sunday School teacher and a leader in his Christian Science college organization. After a 10 year exploration of all things spiritual, through many books, workshops and classes, Neil and his wife were led to Unity Church of the Hills in 1995 and have “grown up” there spiritually, along with their children.  Neil has grown through service to others as a leader in the Family Ministry, a Sunday School teacher and by serving on the Board of Trustees. For the last 20 years, Neil has studied and facilitated study groups for A Course in Miracles, bringing him a greater sense of peace as he learns to listen to God’s guidance and see the best in his fellow man.  By day, Neil is a Chief Software Architect at National Instruments, where he masquerades as an engineer, but really serves as an instrument of joy and cooperation.