Christopher Howell brings a bigger than life message about our world today in the New Compassionate Male podcast episode with, creator, Clay Boykin and producer, Dennis Tardan.

As a gifted and compassionate teacher in Austin, Texas, Christopher Howell works one-on-one and in groups utilizing adventure, movement, breath, guided-imagery, fun and humor, as education tools for self-exploration and increased aliveness. His adventures are more experiential than cognitive.
He has served as a Trainer and Instructor for Global Relationship Centers, a teacher for Austin School of Massage Therapy, Owner of the Center for Health Resources, Facilitator for the Men’s Fellowship Network Retreats, founder of Yoga Hike and number one cheerleader, for his wife of 25 years, Korey Howell.
His commitment to this work extends extends beyond the learning opportunities and into our communities.  For it is recognized that the more alive, empowered, loving and mindful our participants are, the more they work toward improving the quality of life for their friends, families, communities and eventually the world as a whole.