Schedule a Complementary Discovery Session

Schedule a Complementary Discovery Session

“To reframe a burning question is to gain a fresh perspective and unleash your full potential.”

Let’s have a Discovery Call on ZOOM so I can learn what’s on your mind and how I might help you.

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Ideation for Individuals and Businesses

Ideation for Individuals and Businesses

“To reframe a burning question is to gain a fresh perspective
and unleash your full potential.”

The world is essentially in lockdown.
Many are disoriented and frozen in fear.
They are disoriented and
unable to create their new normal.

For almost 50 yearsI I have helped
individuals and organizations
unleash their creativity and full potential
by reframing and finding answer to their
burning questions.




My work with Clay and his process of mind mapping/mandala was a beautiful vision board. I have deep appreciation of his intuitive guidance that created this session. This process allowed me to really see where I can take action. I am deeply grateful to Clay and his work. – Jan Blevins

We called Clay Boykin for help in organizing our new foundation.  It is based on a complex subject not easily understood by people who are not spiritually oriented. Clay came to us and led us into a seemingly simple discussion about our subject matter, Kundalini, and what we wanted to accomplish with our new foundation. Finally Clay stood up before a white board and starting adding words and lines and then as we talked he made the lines come together and explained the meaning of each issue. We were stunned. Right before our eyes, Clay not only understood what we were about, but how to communicate it in simple and powerful terms. He also helped us organize a simple and usable business plan to get from where we were to where we want to be. Here’s the deal.  Clay is a Marketing Genius capable of taking a group of almost novices to a high level of marketing understanding in a brief amount of time and in a way that feels and seems totally empowering. – Chuck Robison – Director – Kundalini Research Foundation

Over the past eight years Clay has helped me tremendously, both personally and professionally, with his reframing and mind mapping expertise. His intuitive and creative approach has helped me gain a fresh and unique perspective with which to navigate through difficult and challenging life AND BUSINESS situations. The time he has spent mentoring along side me has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Clay for both individual and organizational coaching and consulting. – Kirby Hiscox

Clay is energetic, creative and results-focused. He’s a great colleague to have, because he views your issues as his issues, and will focus his energy and creativity towards helping you. A fine team player, he’d be an asset to any organization. – Brian Bedford

Clay is full of wisdom and authenticity in guiding and supporting the MFN, Men’s Fellowship Network. His dedication and passion in being conscious of what men (and women) seek to know under the broad umbrella of Male Spirituality is uncanny. Clay is compassionate and has his finger on the pulse of what is making a difference in this world. I am honored to know Clay and can honestly say he has changed my life in the most fantastic ways. – Martin Dowmen

Clay is a great conceptual thinker and planner that effectively incorporates fine detail in his plan. He is a superb motivator withan altruistic soul. I recommend him highly for all kinds of programs. – Rich Pendergraph

I was priviledged to work with Clay at Motorola on several business group and corporate initiatives. Clay is one of those unique individuals that combines incredible interpersonal skills, business acumen and a special gift of creativity to bring a variety of solutions to any problem or situation. He is truly an amazing individual and would bring value to any challenging environment. I highly recommend Clay. – Pete Pichette

Clay provides leadership that is transparent, inspiring, and totally open to fellow members of our men’s group. His spiritual grounding and continued self-exploration in exactly what a group of mature men welcome and embrace. Clay constantly searches for items of inspiration, self-exploration, and service to humanity. I respect his leadership and camaraderie. – Art Carter

Clay has taken certain of his “life lessons learned” and helpedcreate a powerful and profound men’s spirituality movement. I can give no higher recommendation as a spiritual leader, pilgrim, friend and brother. – Jim Jameson

Clay combines sensitivity to people and sensibility for situationsremarkably. Clay applies his creative, intuitive perceptions tomake complex problems simple and solvable. He folds into this a powerful consideration for people and for ever-strengthening their relationships. – Tim Wright

I have known Clay for over 15 years. I have worked with Clay on Community Projects as well as work projects. Clay is an extremely creative, organized, amiable and excellent communicator. Clay is an awesome addition to any organization he is a part of. Excellent leadership skills and always follows through. A wonderful person to work with. – Sylvia Stern

Clay is one of those rare individuals who can be focused, pragmatic, and innovative at the same time. I know of only a handful of people capable of doing such a good job at both the business end and the human side of work. He is a natural leader who infuses his environment and those around him with integrity, drive, and tenacity. – Cisalee Morris

Clay is terrific to work with. He understands the true meaning of leadership as it relates to mobilizing and energizing an organization. His creative and sometimes “off the wall” solutions to business challenges brings out the best in everyone and adds some fun to the work environment. Clay is an excellent communicator and was able to gain mind-share, build trust and engage our global sales force. This helped enable us add hundreds of millions of dollars in profitable sales to the company. – Mike Chaddock

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Previous Engagements

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How Am I Showing Up In the World?

How Am I Showing Up In the World?

I received a call from an old friend the other evening. He was triggered and railing about the pandemic, and the impact it was having on him, the possible impact to his health and his small business. True concerns. But the victimhood and railing went on, and on, and on.

Eventually, I began to feel as though he was attacking me and I became defensive. I was now clearly triggered. This only added fuel to the fire. The call did not end well, and I was left shaking.

I woke up the next morning from a fitful sleep thinking about The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.

I asked myself, “How am I showing up in the world today. How could I be showing up? What is mine to do?

I found my answers in this video clip I created a few years ago. It reminded me that when I sit still and go within, I already have the answers.