About Me

About Me

Clay Boykin’s work in the area of male spiritual development is his calling. He has dedicated his next twenty years to making the world a better place by empowering men to cultivate and integrate their divine male and divine female essences within. Clay is a former United States Marine Corps officer from a small Texas town. After 38 years in the corporate world Clay’s life took a radical turn at age 53 when chest pains led to a mystical experience. Other life challenges ensued and several years later Clay emerged from his dark night of the soul a spirit-centered man.

Clay is passionate about servant leadership and founded the Men’s Fellowship Network: Circles of Men Project in 2012. He has facilitated hundreds of weekly circles and helped thousands of men find their center and grow along their life journey.

Clay  is In Search of the New Compassionate Male. Since his book: Circles of Men: A counter-intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups, came out in 2018, Clay has been on a quest to connect with men and women all over the world in the belief that a New Compassionate Male is emerging as the New Archetype. His travels have taken him across the U.S. and into Africa. 

Clay is presently interviewing men and women on his PODCAST: In Search of the New Compassionate Male, and is always looking for people with a perspective on the topic of men and compassion. As well, Clay collaborates with Charter for Compassion and Gender Equity and Reconciliation International in the area of deep healing between women and men.

Clay works with both men and women by integrating practical tools in a counter-intuitive way with their spiritual foundation. To learn more about Clay and his mentoring work go to: Going Deeper

The New Compassionate Male – Emerging as the New Archetype


The New Compassionate Male is emerging as the new archetype.

Regardless of race, sexual orientation, nationality or religious tradition, I invite you to join the search

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