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On the Search w/guest Chuck Robison

On the Search w/guest Chuck Robison

Kundalini Research FoundationKundalini – In 2019 Chuck Robison was chosen to lead the Kundalini Research Foundation. Now Located in the Austin, Texas area, he will guide the Foundation’s work into the 21st century. Kundalini’s time has now come and one of our major goals is to create cooperative alignments with other like-minded organizations to increase the impact of comprehensive knowledge about Kundalini as the Trigger of Evolution. Chuck Robison has enjoyed several diverse careers. Starting out with his Master’s Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, he served Presby- terian Churches in West Virginia, Philadelphia, New York and Telluride, Colorado. From 1990 to 2000, Chuck was the Protestant Chaplain at the United Nations in NYC. He has a career track in Corporate America holding HR positions at Met Life, New York Life, Lee Hecht Harrison and others. He served on the Faculty of the New York City Police Acad- emy teaching upper level officers how to create personal and team visions. Chuck is a well-known portrait photographer specializing in Executive and Celebrity Portraits. It was in this capacity that he met and photographed Pandit Gopi Krishna in New York in 1983. Chuck began his work with the Kundalini Research Foundation in 1980 as a volunteer. His two books were published more than 30 years apart. Chuck and his wife Karen wrote the second book, The Quantum Conspiracy, in 2008 and it covers the global awakening taking place now. His first book, Look Deeply, was a series of photographs and prayers. Chuck and Karen are delighted to meet their brothers and sisters in Canada.


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About Search of the New Compassionate Male with Clay Boykin. I am convinced that amidst all the turmoil in the world a New Compassionate Male is emerging, and this New Compassionate Male is emerging as the New Archetype. ~ I am on a journey to every corner of the planet. I am on a journey within; a journey of self discovery to learn what it means to be a compassionate male. ~ I do not have the answer, but I know there is a spark of compassion emerging within every man and within every woman. Regardless of sexual orientation, nationality or religious tradition I invite you to join me. Let’s travel together and find answers to questions like: Who is this man? What makes him compassionate? Is he born this way, or how is compassion learned? Is there a place or time where compassion is not relevant? How many ways does the compassionate male show up in the world Together, we can find him. Together, we can hold a mirror up for one another and find the compassion within ourselves. ~ The more adversity there is in the world, the hotter the ember of compassion burns within. It may be smoldering and unrecognizable at the moment, or burning brightly lighting and warming others. ~ Who is the New Compassionate Male? Join me in our search.

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Author & Life Coach

Author & Life Coach

Author & Life Coach Your trail may be in front of you, but you cannot see it, or you may have never been on your intended path. At some point in life most of us feel stuck, lost or lacking direction. I have certainly been there not knowing where “there” is. I will...
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Podcast Gallery

I am grateful to each of my guests who joined us this first year of the Podcast. Together, with my Producer, Dennis Tardan, we published over 70 podcast episodes. Our guests joined us from: U.S., Kenya, Australia, Canada, Rwanda, Tasmania, Malawi, U.K., and Sardinia....
Ep65: Richard Tarnas on the Cosmos and Our Changing Times

Ep65: Richard Tarnas on the Cosmos and Our Changing Times

On the program, What if it Really Works, Richard Tarnas provides a wonderful perspective on these changing times from an archetypal astrological perspective. Richard’s way of distilling the macro view of where we are at this moment in the cosmos down to how humanity addresses the global challenges of the coming years is fascinating. It was an honor to be a guest in this conversation and to produce this episode for Karen and Chuck Robison, the creators and co-hosts of What if it Really Works

Richard Tarnas is the founding director of the graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies(CIIS) in San Francisco, where he currently teaches. Born in 1950 in Geneva, Switzerland, of American parents, he grew up in Michigan, where he received a classical Jesuit education. In 1968 he entered Harvard, where he studiedWestern intellectual and cultural history and depth psychology, graduating with an A.B. cum laude in 1972. For ten years he lived and worked at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, studying with Stanislav Grof, Joseph Campbell, Gregory Bateson, Huston Smith, and James Hillman, later serving as Esalen’s director of programs and education. He received his Ph.D. from Saybrook Institute in 1976 with a dissertation on LSD psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and spiritual transformation. From 1980 to 1990, he wrote The Passion of the Western Mind, a narrative history of Western thought from the ancient Greek to the postmodern which became a best seller and continues to be a widely used text in universities throughout the world. In 2006, he published Cosmos and Psyche:
Intimations of a New World View, which received the Book of the Year Prize from the Scientific and Medical Network in the UK. Formerly president of the International Transpersonal Association, he is on the Board of Governors of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. In addition to his teaching at CIIS, he has been a frequent lecturer at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, and gives many public lectures and seminars in the U.S. and abroad.



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